Early Growth Genetics Consortium

Childhood Obesity (2019)

We are releasing the summary statistics from our most recent trans-ancestral meta-analysis of childhood obesity. This is a case control study in which cases are defined as an individual whose BMI is greater than or equal to the 95th percentile at any point in childhood and controls are defined as an individual whose BMI was less than or equal to the 50th percentile consistently throughout childhood for all available measures.

The samples were imputed to the 1000 Genomes Project reference panel and grouped into 4 different groups based on ancestry. The summary statistics from these 4 groups were used as input for the trans-ancestral meta-analysis using MANTRA. P-values, beta and standard errors within each group were calculated by variance weighted meta-analysis. Combined stage 1 and stage 2 summary statistics are reported for variants that were taken forward to stage 2.

Dataset Details

A file containing an explanation of the columns in the summary statistics files can be downloaded here.

The summary statistics can be downloaded here.

Acknowledging The Data

When using data from the downloadable meta-analyses results please acknowledge the source of the data as follows:

Data on childhood obesity has been contributed by the EGG consortium and has been downloaded from www.egg-consortium.org.

In addition to the above acknowledgement, please cite the paper below:

A Trans-ancestral Meta-Analysis of Genome-Wide Association Studies Reveals Loci Associated with Childhood Obesity.

J.P. Bradfield*, S. Vogelezang*, J.F. Felix, A. Chesi, Ø. Helgeland, et al. Notes: *equal contribution.

Human Molecular Genetics Epub ahead of print, July 2019