Early Growth Genetics Consortium

Gestational Weight Gain GWAS Summary Data (2017)

We are releasing the summary data from our genome-wide meta-analyses of gestational weight gain (GWG), combining data from cohorts within the EGG consortium. Data were imputed up to the reference panels from the HapMap Phase 2 (Build 36, release 22).

Three phenotypes were investigated:

The association between each genetic variant and gestational weight gain was tested using a linear regression model, with adjustment for sex and study-specific ancestry covariates (where appropiate).

Summary files provide information on chromosome, genomic position (NCBI build 36), rsID, effect allele, other allele, effect allele frequency, beta, standard error and P value at over 2 million variants passing quality control.

Dataset Details

We have six sets of summary files:

Acknowledging The Data

When using data from the downloadable meta-analyses results please acknowledge the source of the data as follows:

Data on gestational weight gain has been contributed by the EGG Consortium and has been downloaded from www.egg-consortium.org.

In addition to the above acknowledgement, please cite the paper below:

Maternal and fetal genetic contribution to gestational weight gain

Warrington NM, Richmond R, Fenstra B, Myhre R, Gaillard R, Paternoster L, et al.

International Journal of Obesity, 2017