Early Growth Genetics Consortium

Tanner Stage Summary Data

Here we present the summary data from the genome-wide meta-analysis of Tanner Stage, a measure of sexual maturation, in subjects of European ancestry. These data include directly genotyped SNPs and SNPs imputed against the HapMap CEU data (release 22).

Phenotypes and Data

Tanner stage data on male genital development and female breast development were run separately and combined. Please see the publication for more details on each phenotype. To ensure high quality data, only SNPs for which 90% of samples were successful are included. P-values are corrected for genomic inflation.

PhenotypeDescriptionMaximum NDownloadable file
TANNER malesTanner male genital stage at age 12.6-15 yrs3,769EGG_TANNER_males.v2.txt.gz
TANNER femalesTanner female breast stage at age 10.5 - 12.5 yrs6,147EGG_TANNER_females.v2.txt.gz
TANNER males and females combinedTanner male genital stage and female breast stage combined9,916EGG_TANNER_males_and_females_combined.v2.txt.gz

Acknowledging The Data

When using data from the downloadable meta-analyses results please acknowledge the source of the data as follows:

Data on Tanner pubertal development stage has been contributed by the EGG Consortium and was downloaded from www.egg-consortium.org.

In addition to the above acknowledgement, please cite the paper below:

Genome-wide association study of sexual maturation in males and females highlights a role for body mass and menarche loci in male puberty.

Cousminer, DL, Stergiakouli, E, Berry, DJ, Ang, W, Groen-Blokhuis, MM, et al.

Hum Molec Genet. 2014 Aug 15;23(16):4452-64.